Wat Kommaneeyaket School Swimming Pool Maintenance

Our Story

After the hard hit by the tsunami in 2004, some recovery programs have been initiated and the joint organization had built the swimming pool for Wat Kommaneeyaket School as a water training facility for the school children.
The pool was well equipped from the beginnings but when the time has gone by, the pool has been deteriorated. It’s immensely in need for maintenance and repair to meet a good pool standard and also to bring the joy back to the children and the people who use it as their recreational place. However , the school lacks of the budget for the maintenance costs and it has become a big burden. Khao Lak Sponsoring Project recognizes this issue and would like to raise funds for the school to maintain the pool for their own students and the public in a sustainable management.

Community Aquatic Facility Development

Recreational events and activities, aquatic centers and swimming pools offer many recreational activities for the community. Most activities involve all age groups and are safe and enjoyable for the entire family.

Khuk Khak swimming pool

Recreational activities at most aquatic centers include the following:

  • Swimming activities for all ages
  • Competition events which can provide thousands of dollars in economic impact each year to surround businesses in the community
  • Aerobics and exercise training in an aquatic environment

Planning Process

An aquatic facility aims to meet the needs of the community. A facility’s financial sustainability is also linked to how well it services existing and future sport and recreation needs. Initial clarity about the needs of the community that will be met by the outdoor facility, and the setting of clear objectives to reflect needs is a key ingredient for success. Understanding need may involve: undertaking a strategic view of community facilities in the long term in the area, and identifying what role the facility can play in addressing the need. A thorough assessment of needs is fundamental to the success of the project.

Project Implementations

  • A construction of pool protective shelter 3m x 3m with a steel frame to enclose a walkway of the swimming pool – it’s for the outdoor swimming coaching point (budgeted at 25,000 Baht)
  • Employment of a qualified swimming teacher for 1 position to provide instruction and coach students to develop skills (budgeted at 15,000 Baht/Month x 12 Month = 180,000 Baht)
  • Employment for a pool cleaner for 1 position to be responsible for cleaning pools and restrooms (budgeted at 8,000 Baht/Month x 12 Month = 96,000 Baht)


The  Swimming  Facilities Community  Group  has  recognized  that  there is significant community  support for an outdoor aquatic facility in Khao Lak.

After the  tsunami stroke the area in 2004 and the whole landscape was vastly destroyed by the disaster, some recovery programs have been initiated and a great deal has been accomplished including Wat Kommaneeyaket School Swimming Pool Project. After the tsunami programs had ended their missions, the pool has been left behind for the school children to enjoy. A lot of money and effort goes into maintaining a clean, healthy, safe and fun swimming pool facility. The school lacks the budget to hire a professional company, maintenance and safety precautions still need to be in place for the proper operation of the pool and the safety of the children and residents.

Thank You for Your Donations

  • Mother of Nature

    Donated 06/06/2016

    10,000 THB


Project Expense Summary0%
Cost of Protective Shelter: 25,000 BAHT


A primary objective of this plan is to help develop the school plan and to obtain the necessary funding and support for the initial development and construction of the aquatic centre.


To provide clear guidelines and responsibilities for maintenance of Wat Kommaneeyaket School and housing facilities including swimming or hydrotherapy pools. Wat Kommaneeyaket school is committed to maintaining high quality facilities to support effective teaching and learning in a safe working environment. The Swimming Pool Maintenance Program addresses maintenance tasks relating to the pool filtration systems.

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