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We have recognized and realized the importance of the participation of the communities in Khao Lak to be involved in the tourism industry in the area and to promote the local economy as well as the cash flow for the local businesses.

In addition, we would also like to contribute and share an opportunity for social development activities with the communities in Khao Lak and the local people by getting the assistance of the tourists coming for a vacation (often several times). Our local economic stimulus plan creates this contact between the visitors and the local people.

Hence, our Vision & Mission for the Khao Lak Sponsoring Project got the slogan “Go for Locals”.

It’s a big honour for the Khao Lak Sponsor Project to welcome such experienced people to our team.



KLSP Project Manager

Ensuring effective implementation and monitoring of KLSP Projects


He is a person with physical disabilities but with his strong aspiration & strength, he had been working with leading international organizations such as The Federation of Red Cross, UN Climate Change and Save the Children International. His experiences can be good input for Khao Lak Sponsoring Project.



School Project Coordinator

Implementation of school projects in cooperation with project staff and others


She has great experience in children welfare and caring support for the kids with fewer opportunities and always seeks and supports basic education for those young kids. Since she has lived in Khao Lak for more than a decade, she understands the communities very well.

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Implementing local business programs that promote a sustainable economy of Khao Lak communities


KLSP Local Business Coordinator

Khao Lak is her birthplace and hometown and she is now currently joining Khuk Khak Municipal Office as a local political officer. She is a well-known person in the Khao Lak area and nearby because she has a good heart and is a caring person. People always give her high respect.


Assisting and implementing local business program in Khao Lak communities


KLSP Local Business Associate

She was born in Khao Lak and she’s very generous and friendly. She likes helping and caring the people and she is joining us to coordinate with the local shops in Khao Lak area to promote the local business in her hometown.


She is responsible for the implementation of KLSP project activities and providing support and guidance, coaching and mentoring to our partners


Facilitator and Social Development Coordinator for KLSP

She is a veteran officer who has been working with several leading Non Profit Organizations for a decade. She specializes in dealing with local communities for a pilot project to be launched and making good facilitation for the villagers.

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