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Welcome to Khao Lak Sponsoring Project

A pilot project for sustainable tourism for the communities in Khao Lak

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Who We Are

We have recognized and realized the importance of the participation of the communities in Khao Lak to be involved in the tourism industry in the area and to promote the local economy as well as the cash flow for the local businesses.

In addition, we would also like to contribute and share an opportunity for social development activities with the communities in Khao Lak and the local people by getting the assistance of the tourists coming for a vacation (often several times). Our local economic stimulus plan creates this contact between the visitors and the local people.

Hence, our Vision & Mission for the Khao Lak Sponsoring Project got the slogan “Go for Locals”.

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Khao Lak Sponsoring Project (KLSP) supports the local economy in Khao Lak through our economic stimulus plan.

What We Do

KLSP has also recognized the importance of social development for the communities in Khao Lak and we would like to ask for the participation and involvement of the visitors for our activities in local projects.

We initiated support for social activities in a local school – Ban Bang Niang School (located in Khao Lak), helping to raise funds to support the school activities (e.g. school supplies for young students, children playground maintenance and to provide scholarships for poor students).

We also raised funds to support the swimming pool maintenance for Wat Khommaneeyakhet School, not only as a swim training center for the children and villagers in the area but also as a place for recreation and relaxation for the residents of Khao Lak to obtain a higher quality of life.


Introducing Our GoCard

Our core stimulus plan to support the local Khao Lak economy

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Earn GoCard Cash
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Spend That Cash on Local Experiences
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How It Works

KLSP – Khao Lak Sponsoring Project supports the local economy in Khao Lak through our economic stimulus plan with its so called “GoCards” – these are vouchers which are provided by our main sponsor Mother of Nature (MONA) for this plan. Each participant of a MONA tour gets part of the booking price back in vouchers.

These ‘GoCards’ can be used in many ways: To pay for your restaurant visit and many services (even taxis!) and for shopping. . . just look for the shops with the GoCard Logo and use the GoCards instead of cash!

To date about 200 local businesses participate in the KLSP initiative!

But there is more to it. . . You can use the GoCards for a donation as well to support social projects. See the list of projects and charities you can support!

GoCard – A Smarter Way to Pay and Support Local Khao Lak Projects and Businesses.

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How to get your GoCard and what to do with it

  • GO on Tour with MONA

    Book any tour with Mona and receive your GoCards*

  • Spend Your GoCard around Khao Lak

    GO use your GoCard at any participating restaurant or business around the Khao Lak area

  • GO Support the Khao Lak Community

    You can donate the value of your GoCard to help local worthwhile projects and charities

  • Save your GoCard for the Future

    If you don't get to use your GoCard you can save it for your next visit to Khao Lak or pass on to a friend

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Spend GoCard Cash

Welcomed at many Khao Lak Restaurants and Businesses

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Where to Use Your GoCard

You can use your GoCard at a whole host of Khao Lak businesses. Check out our latest listings below, search using keywords that interest you or discover all the places that support our GoCard initiative.

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